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The Zone, Get there with Sound

When I’m coding on a project, or need to concentrate I tend to use sounds to help me focus. I’ve noticed that I tend to lean towards non-lyric music. It helps me block distracting speech and other noise in the office. I have used a variety of methods to do this like tuning to 8 hour YouTube clips of Buddhist chants. There are quite a few at various frequencies. Here are a few examples:

But, I recently discovered, a fantastic ambient noise generator. It has the most amount of ambient soundscapes and the ability to fine-tune and customize each sound. MyNoise collection includes more than 200 customizable sound generators. They are long live, high fidelity field recordings, and they are free. is a free, client supported website. (Donations, by the way, will unlock an assortment of additional features and sounds.) although I’ve got the app (see below), I purchased extra support via their website. 
MyNoise comes as an iOS or Android app. I highly advise installing the app. Buying the overall set of recordings is only $10, if you have a smart phone or laptop.

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