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Geek husband, living in California with passion for art, programming, science, teaching, reading and writing.

What I love about being a BI developer is that the job is both challenging and satisfying. I get to use all my skills from programming to design. When working with data, I get to fulfill my instinctive desire to group, organize, and sort things. Furthermore, I get to collaborate with other people, hear about their professions, and help them to do a better job using data.

I wrangle data using varied tools such as MS Access, SQL Server, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Database. I have built SQL data solutions in finance, e-commerce, and government sectors.  I try to be smart about my productivity and seek to get tasks done. I’m always looking for ways to get centered and hone my focus on the job at hand. This blog is my collection of hacks and various thoughts.  I hope this helps others that share my journey.